Free subdomains with full DNS control

Register a free subdomain under DNSnet.info such as "MyHostname".DNSnet.info. This service is running on the fast and stable DNS infrastructure provided by FreeDNS.

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A FreeDNS account is required if you do not already have one. It's free to register.

To use this service you will need to accept the Afraid.org Acceptable Use Policy.

Free subdomains to the public

Registering a domain such as example.com requires an initial payment and yearly recurring fees. This is not ideal for a lot of users that just need a simple hostname for development and testing purposes, for hosting websites, or an easy to remember name of network devices. DNSnet.info is part of the Afraid.org pool of domains allowing anyone to freely registering subdomains with full access to DNS settings. In addition, Afraid.org is running a fast and stabile DNS network comparable to (and in most cases better than) the quality of paid DNS services.

Report abuse

DNSnet.info is offering free subdomains to the public. Unfortunately, some people abuse the free service for malicious actions (not cool!). In case of abuse, please contact dnsadmin@afraid.org